Channel Cheon - Modern Infect (Deck Tech)

Channel TWoo - Modern Zombie Combo (Deck Tech)

Keep Calm and playing mono-red

Keep Calm and playing mono-red


Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir ‘Walkers

Sweet-arse card arts & emblems -
• Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker - illustrated by Daarken
• Sorin, Solemn Visitor - illustrated by Cynthia Sheppard

Backstory - from MTG Sally wiki -

Sarkhan Vol is a primarily red planeswalker who came from Tarkir, a plane scourged by war. This plane was controlled by constantly battling warlords, who had a tradition of slaying dragons for sport and glory, driving the beasts to extinction.  This horrified the shamans of the plane, who worshiped the dragon as the pinnacle of predation. His mind broken, Sarkhan returned to his home plane of Tarkir, to see if he could rekindle what he loved most about dragons.

Sorin Markov is a vampire planeswalker and a master of sangromancy, a dark corner of black mana specialization. With this blood magic he can drain the lifeforce of other beings, place curses on enemies, and even possess the minds of others. Sorin Markov is the oldest living planeswalker except Nicol Bolas, though unlike Bolas he has dedicated his existence to following his whims, and this easy life of pleasure has brought him detachment and easy confidence. Sorin journeyed to the plane of Tarkir looking to solve the mystery of what actually became of Ugin and why the dragon did not appear on Zendikar when the time came. However, the trip proved distressing once Sorin learned the truth: That Ugin had died thousands of years ago at the hands of Nicol Bolas.


Why howdy ladies! How weird is it that I’ve been consistently updated my blog this past week? huh? How weird? Tell me.

So I made these cards instead of doing some stupid ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for baby-face syndrome. 1 out of every couple of guys suffer from not being able to grow adequate facial hair. And not only am I a huge supporter and founder of this comity, I’m a victim and a patient too. So please help raise awareness, with your help, we can make people aware. And when people are aware, it grants them the power to ignore. Yay!

Finally: Wizards of the Coast and other artists own all the art, rights and likenesses I am compiling to create fun and exploitative generals for mine and your Edh decks, so this is a toast to all great artists of and the fine soldiers that make Magic the Gathering possible, and yes! I will always copy and paste this. PWTR


Get your hands off me you damn dirty casuals! So, being a man of my word, here are the cards I swore I’d make for you lil’ babies. So please enjoy and don’t feed them after midnight.



Are you ready to rumble?!!! Tonight we’re going to throw down hard with Disney princesses and anime characters galore. Now I know most of them are women, but that’s how it usually works out anyhow, and I don’t care! Please let me know if you’ve tried playing any of my little compiled commanders and how they worked for you. Feel free to comment and leave requests also. This be PlaneswalkerTexasRanger, signing off.

PS! More incoming Tuesday! So keep your eyeballs clean.

I usually don’t go for this stuff but Konan is my favorite character pretty much ever c: In other notes, a lot of these abilities are really interesting, and while i wouldn’t like to see these exact cards, I’d love to see some similar. Although not having playtested I couldn’t say they wouldn’t be broken or underpowered as all hell. 






I’m in love with Sidisi, not gonna lie.

I really feel like Zhurgo’s and Anafenza’s need to be switched

But Zurgo smashes helms, not asses.

This is a misconception. He smashes both but Zhurgo Asssmasher isn’t quite as cool sounding a name.

Helmsmasher on the streets.

Asssmasher in the sheets.

(Vintage) Dredge Deck Tech


Slivers - The Planeswalker Gallery #3


Tarkir Lands | Diverse and Beautiful


Whew, this guy’s brutal.



Magic: the Gathering - STOP! BANNER-TIME!

Khans of Tarkir Banner Cycle
Each of these common-rarity artifacts cost 3 and tap for one colour mana associated with that Clan’s colour identity.  Each of these artifacts may also provide a card draw by tapping and paying one of each of that Clan’s colour.  All card arts in this banner cycle have been illustrated by Daniel Ljunggren and feature cool flavour text suitable to have tattooed on you.

• Abzan Banner - Stone to endure, roots to remember.

• Jeskai Banner - Discipline to persevere, insight to discover.

• Sultai Banner - Power to dominate, cruelty to rule.

• Mardu Banner - Speed to strike, fury to smash.

• Temur Banner - Savagery to survive, courage to triumph.